THERARX™ - purifying treatment for scalp and skinMVDF-13-09-12-0168

  • Controls excessive sebum
  • Anti-inflammatory and itch relief
  • Helps kill bacteria
  • Also suitable for acne, insect bites and soothes sunburn
  • Use in combination with X-FOLATE™ for an effective treatment of dandruff

SOLV-X™ - shampoo for the treatment of an oily scalp and hairMVDF-13-09-12-0023

  • Gentle cleanser and conditioner
  • Emulsifies and controls excessively oily scalp and hair
  • Suitable for itching and irritation of the skin
  • Colour safe
  • Aromatherapy

X-FOLATE™ - shampoo for the treatment of MVDF-13-09-12-0020dandruff

  • A dandruff treatment providing immediate results with daily use
  • Paraben and fragrance free
  • Safe for colour treated hair
  • Soothes sensitive, red and / or irritated skin
  • Suitable for soothing skin irritations and sensitive, red skin

X-DERMA™ - shampoo for the treatment of dry hair and scalpMVDF-13-09-12-0041

  • Controls dry, flaky and itchy scalp
  • Gentle formula for daily use
  • Aloecur moisturizing complex
  • Reduces static electricity
  • SLS-free

THERAPEUTIC™ - scalp and hair treatment rinseMVDF-13-09-12-0146

  • Soothes and calms scalp
  • Anti-itch and anti-flake control
  • Lightly conditions and detangles hair
  • Optimum acidification
  • For all types of hair and scalp


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